A Quick Review of The Orchid Tattoo by Carla Damron

There is so much good to say about this book that I feel I should write this review in bullet points.

First, the subject. The trafficking of women is too important to ignore. This riveting novel takes us into the belly of this all too prevalent and evil underworld. Every human, especially women and adolescents, should read this book. Bravo to Carla Damron for giving us this story.

Second, the writing. This is the second book by Carla Damron I have read. (I received an ARC for an honest review of this one.) Her writing is stellar. Each character is nuanced, easy to love or easy to love to hate. There are chilling moments and tender moments. The tension is palpable. Be prepared to stay awake until you have finished reading it.

Please read it. We all need to know more about this horrible crime. The more we know and the more we share that knowledge, the more likely we might be able to prevent it.